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#09 - Ambient Air Cleaners-Dust Fume Vapor

Ambient Air Cleaners involve the use of large “Washable, Cleanable or Replaceable Media” filters. These units, both filter and re-circulate the air back into the work place

Installation Configurations:

Free Hanging "Negative Pressure"
“Race Track”
"Cross Dilution"

Depending upon the designed air pattern, these systems "scrub" the ambient air of contaminantes and the result is a dramatic reduction of airborne pollution.

These systems are best used in combination with source-collection equipment.

Some important things to consider when purchasing these types of units:

  • What is the volume of the room you want to clean? (cubic dimension: L'xW'xH')
  • How many times would you like to change the air in your room? (eg: Welding=8 AC/H)
  • How much contaminant do I generate? (eg: dust, smoke, fume)
  • Where am I going to mount these units?
  • Can I use these units to create a negative pressure in my work area?
  • Do I want "throw away", "washable", "cleanable" or "self cleaning" filters?

  • Information required to estimate the annual filter costs for a welding application:
  • 1. Brand of Wire
  • 2. Diameter of Wire
  • 3. Type of Wire
  • 4. Lbs of Wire per year
  • 5. Condition of part being welded(minimal,low,medium or heavy oil content...)
  • 6. Metals being welded

  • For more information, please see the products and information listed below:

    (09-00) 1000 Free hanging filter - (1000 CFM)
    1000 CFM Wall mounted Air cleaner. This unit comes complete with; 1" washable urethane foam pre-filter, 95% bag filter (39 sq. ft. of media), 1/2" charcoal filter, ODOR/EX deodorizer and wall mounting bracket/cleat.

    This system is best suited for air cleaning applications involving small rooms, offices, restaurants or warehouses. When selecting this unit for industrial uses, the "Reduced Maintenance" pre-filter model is recommended.


     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  1000 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  1000 - BR.pdf
    (09-01) F70R - Light Airborne Dust & Smoke - Washable and/or disposable filters - Flow Through Style (2,500 CFM)
    2500 CFM "Free-Hanging" (also called "Packaged") reduced maintenance air cleaner complete with an integrated Blower and filter system. Ideal for "Cross-Dilution" and filtration of airborne pollutants that can't be easily captured at source. The F70-R filter unit comes standard with (1) 10ft² reduced maintenance pre-filter; (1) micro-glass multipocket bag filter 65% efficiency;(1) 3/4 HP totally enclosed, 2-speed motor 115/1/60Hz.

     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-01) F70R - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-01) F70R - BR.pdf
     003 - Case Studies: 
       ·  (09-01-01) F-70R - metal finishing dust - computer component manufacturer - cs.pdf
    (09-02) T-3000 - Light Airborne Dust & Smoke - Washable and/or disposable filters - T style (3,000 CFM)
    Collects dust, smoke and other airborne pollutants in factories, schools, shops, labs, assembly areas and repair shops with a high a high efficiency, 2-stage filtration system.
    -Is a complete, packaged air filter unit designed as a “free hanging” system for efficient and economical air cleaning when at-the-source capture of pollutants is not possible or practical. Strategic placement of one or several units in an area will result in dramatic reduction of the bothersome smoke, dust or haze in your facility. The first stage of filtration is a 40% pleated pre-filter that will trap dust and larger particles. The second stage is a micro-glass multi-pocket bag filter that will remove smoke and other sub-micron size particles from the air.

     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-02) T3000 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-02) T3000 - BR.pdf
     003 - Case Studies: 
       ·  (09-02-01) t-3000 - mist collection - machine & tooling shop - cs.pdf
     004 - Videos: 
       ·  (07-02) L-M-30.wmv
    (09-07) AIRPOD Series: Models 1, 2 & 3 (size/flow to suit)
    Free-standing Ambient Collection System. AirPods consists of 1 to 3 modules that stack up to three modules high easily adapting to multiple filtration configurations.
    AirPod™ Air Filtration Process:
  • Airborne dusts & gases that settle at floor level are drawn into the four-sided air intake.
  • Contaminated air is filtered and discharged vertically above the work area.
  • By drawing in the air near the floor, Cooled air is discharged into the warmer air near the ceiling creating an effective dilutionary & energy savings air pattern.

     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-07) airpod - sd.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-07-01) AIRPOD I - BR.pdf
       ·  (09-07-02) AIRPOD II - BR.pdf
       ·  (09-07-03) AIRPOD III - BR.pdf
    (09-09) TC-4 - Heavy Airborne Dust & Smoke - T style with Self Cleaning filter system (4,000 CFM)
    2650 CFM "SELF-CLEANING" Air cleaner. This "T" style "free-Hanging" or "Packaged" air cleaner. This solution is ideal for Heavy dust loading applications or applications involving hard to reach areas where regular maintenance of the collector would be impractical. Comes complete with (4) Clean-2® cartridge filters, (150ft² of media each), ON-DEMAND, AUTO-CLEAN VIBRA-PULSE® filter cleaning system, 3 HP TEFC motor and a ½” NPT regulator.


     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-09) TC-4 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-09) TC-4 - BR.pdf
    (09-10) FM600 Commercial - Dust & Odors - Washable and/or disposable filters - 2’ X 2’ T - Bar Mount (600 CFM)
    ** Discontinued ** 600 CFM Flush Mount Unit. Fits in a standard 2’ x 2’ ceiling tile opening. Includes (1) ½” aluminum mesh pre-filter, (1) 95% main filter (14ft²), (1) ½” charcoal after-filter and an ODOR/EX deodorizer.


     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-10) FM600 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-10) FM-600 - BR.pdf
    (09-11) FM1000 Commercial - Dust & Odors - Washable and/or disposable filters - 2’ X 4’ T - Bar Mount (1,000 CFM)
    Flush mount 1000 CFM units, fits in 2 x 4 ceiling tile.


     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-11) FM1000 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-11) FM-1000 - BR.pdf
    (09-12) T140 - Light Airborne Dust & Smoke - Washable and/or disposable filters - T style (3,600/4,500 CFM)
    3600-4500 CFM "Free-Hanging" T-STYLE air cleaner complete with an integrated Blower and filter system. Ideal for "Cross-Dilution" and filtration of airborne pollutants that can't be easily captured at source. The T-STYLE configuration allows the contaminated air to enter from both ends of the unit and the cleaned air to exit from the center of the housing. This allows the air to be filtered by twice the media resulting in a much lower "AIR-TO-CLOTH" ratio which in turn means greater filter life, quite often 2 to 4 times the average filter life of that of a regular uni-directional "Flow-Through" filter system. The center exhaust also allows for better dilution of the contaminated air, and in the case of large plants, it has an added energy saving effect. Latent heat, high up in the plant is de-stratified when the exhaust vents are directed upwards, towards the center of the ceiling. This results in not only a much more comfortable working environment, but also has a sizable energy saving effect through a better distribution of the conditioned air throughout the building. Each "Free-Hanging" (also called "Packaged"), air cleaner comes complete with 65% eff.. filters, Direct drive blower, 208,230,460,575V/3/60 TEFC, 2 HP motor, Single speed motor. Unit comes standard in a blue baked-on powder coated finish.

     001 - Spec Drawings: 
       ·  (09-12) T140 - SD.pdf
     002 - Brochures: 
       ·  (09-12) T140 - BR.pdf
     004 - Videos: 
       ·  fhf200k.wmv