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#07 - Updraft & Overhead Capture Systems

Updraft and Overhead hoods, completely or partially enclose the process or contaminant generation point.

For example:

A Complete Enclosure would be a sealed “box” or similar type of configuratin where only minimal openings exist and the contaminated air is sucked up and away.
The enclosing hood is preferred wherever the process configuration and operation will permit.

A Partial Enclosure would be an “open box” (i.e.: with the lid cut off). An inward flow of air through the enclosure opening will contain the contaminant within the enclosure and prevent its escape into the outside work environment.
If complete enclosure is not feasible, partial enclosure should be used to the maximum extent possible.

Here are some general design velocities when using "RECEIVING" Hoods:
Please contact a Lev-co representative

(07-01) LEV Overhead Hoods - Smoke - Washable and/or disposable filters - 4’X4’ to 12’X20’ (flow to suit)
The LEV-Hood is a pre-engineered ventilation hood that completes with filters and fan. This ''Plug & Play'' design is ready to mount as a "free-hanging" system above a welding cell or work table and will collect/filter the smoke, fumes generated from a variety of industrial processes. The cleaned air is then re-circulated to the plant delivering additional energy savings and environmental benefits.

Most Systems can be put in position with minimal mechanical installation time, typical 2 hours/2 men per hood. Electrical motor and lighting connections are also required.

This is an excellent solution when at-the-source capture of pollutants is not possible, practical or convenient. Simply put this is a nice quiet efficient and effective air filtration system.

A high efficiency, 3-stage filtration system. The first stage of filtration is a 2" baffle filter used for spark arrestance. The 2nd stage is a 40% pleated pre-filter that will trap dust and larger particles . The 3rd stage is a 95% micro-glass multi-pocket bag filter that will remove smoke and other sub-micron size particles from the air.


 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (07-01) RH 3500 Series LEV Hood RH35-3 - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (07-01) RH 3500 Series LEV Hood RH35-3 - BR.pdf
 003 - Case Studies: 
   ·  (07-01-01) LEV Hood with flexi-2 arm - welding - National Ballet - vcs.pdf
(07-02) F91 Suspended System with Extraction Arms - Smoke & Dust - 1 or 2 Arms 7'' Ø (650-1,300 CFM)
Source capture, single arm unit, 2” mesh pre-filter, 95% bag main filter, single arm inlet plenum, 10’ long, E-Z ARM® overhead self-supporting pickup arm. Rated 1200 CFM. Includes Class II B.I. blower direct drive, 3 HP motor, 3ø

 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (07-02) F91 - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (07-02) F91 - BR.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  fhf200k.wmv
(07-03) F122 Suspended System with Extraction Arms - Smoke & Dust - 1 or 2 Arms 7'' Ø (1,000-2,000 CFM)
Source capture, dual arm unit, includes model F120- 2AL-95 unit, inlet plenum and 2 pickup arms E-Z ARM® x 10’ long self-supporting, 2000 CFM. Includes Class II B.I. blower and direct drive 3 HP motor.

 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (07-03) F122 - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (07-03) F122 - BR.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  fhf200k.wmv
(07-04) HC4 Suspended System with Extraction Arms/Self cleaning filters - Smoke & Dust - 1 or 2 Arms 7'' Ø (1,000-2,000 CFM)
Horizontal cartridge collector w/4 Clean-2® cartridge filters (150ft² of media each). Comes complete with either DUAL inlets or (2) 10’ long E-Z Arm® high flow extractors (with damper and light in hood), AUTO-CLEAN VIBRA-PULSE® filter cleaning system, a 3 HP TEFC motor and a ½” NPT regulator. 2000 CFM

 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (07-04) HC-4 - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (07-04) HC-4 - BR.pdf
 003 - Case Studies: 
   ·  (07-04-01) HC-4 - Welding smoke filtration - welding school - cs.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  (04-07) HC4.mpg
(07-05) HC-4-Flexi
Horizontal cartridge collector w/4 Clean-2® filter cartridges. Comes prepared to accept up to 4 Flexi© Extractor Arms (ordered separately), which allows for excellent extraction right at source. This solution is ideal when a packaged "Pre-engineered" solution is required. Suitable for most welding and light dust applications.


 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  HC4 with 4 Arms.pdf
(07-07) MC-2500 free hanging air cleaner for use extraction arms or ducted connections
Air cleaner with 2 or 4 connections. Extraction arms can be direct or remote mounted. Collector comes complete with filter, Fan and silencer. 2400 CFM 230-460-600V/3/60

 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (07-07) MC-2500 - BR.pdf