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#15 - Vehicle Exhaust Rails

When diesel engines are started inside a building, these toxic air contaminants are emitted into the breathing area. It is well known that continued exposure to these contaminants have been linked to cancer and other serious health disorders.

Fire and EMS facilities, garages, maintenance shops, or anywhere that trucks, buses, heavy equipment, or fleets of vehicles are operated are especially vulnerable to these toxic pollutants.

The only proven method requires a "source capture" system that pulls 100 percent of the exhaust emissions outside the building, through sealed ductwork.

MagneGrip's patented exhaust extraction system provides fully automatic operation, featuring a friction-release, universal nozzle that is easy to use. With the nozzle attached, each time the vehicle's engine is started, an exhaust fan starts automatically and vents the exhaust emissions outdoors. As the vehicle leaves, the nozzle remains connected, traveling to the doorway and then releases automatically as the vehicle exits.

(15-01) Vehicle Exhaust - Simple Hose Drop with auto release - (700 CFM)
The Simple Hose Drop (SHD) System has the same components as the Sliding Balancer Track (SBT) System, without the track. If the vehicle leaves the fire house on an emergency run, the MagneGrip nozzle remains connected until the hose and cable are fully extended and then it automatically releases.

Because the system captures and removes exhaust emissions at start-up and until the nozzle disconnects, it eliminates the heaviest concentration of exhaust gases and particulates.

For tight budgets, installing a Simple Hose Drop System is less expensive than a track system. It is a good option for vehicles that may be started every day, but are not used regularly for emergency runs. Later, if needs change, a track can be installed and the system converted to provide door-to-door coverage.

 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (15-01) MAGNEGRIP Simple Hose Drop System - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (15-01) Magnegrip Simple Hose Drop System - BR.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  (15-01) Magnegrip Simple Hose Drop.wmv
 006 - System Layouts: 
   ·  (15-01) MAGNEGRIP Simple Hose Drop System - SLD.pdf.pdf
(15-02) Vehicle Exhaust SBT - Sliding Balancer Track - (700 CFM)
This is a popular and versatile moving balancer/trolley on track for vehicle exhaust. It can be installed for one apparatus or for two parked in tandem. Travel from door to door can range up to 85'. The Magnetic nozzle is easy to connect. It provides a tight connection around the tailpipe and captures toxic exhaust gases at their source.


 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (15-02) MAGNEGRIP Sliding Balancer Track System - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (15-02) Magnegrip Sliding Balancer System - BR.pdf
 003 - Case Studies: 
   ·  (15-02-01) sbt - magnegrip sliding balancer system - emergency vehicles exhaust - truro firehall - vcs.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  (15-02) Magnegrip Sliding Balancer Track.wmv
 006 - System Layouts: 
   ·  (15-02) MAGNEGRIP Sliding Balancer Track System - SLD.pdf
(15-03) Vehicle exhaust SSR - Stright Suction Rail with trolley (700 CFM)
The SSR Straight Suction Rail systems are designed to fit into garages with little space to spare.
This system accommodates up to 12 vehicles parked in a row.
The SSR system works well when there is little space to spare, because it uses minimum hose lengths.
Lev-co's SSR system is built for durability - it's design makes it one of the most problem-free systems available.


 001 - Spec Drawings: 
   ·  (15-03) MAGNEGRIP Straight Suction Rail System - SD.pdf
 002 - Brochures: 
   ·  (15-03) Magnegrip Straight Suction Rail System - BR.pdf
 004 - Videos: 
   ·  (15-03) Magnegrip Straight Suction Rail.wmv
 006 - System Layouts: 
   ·  (15-03) MAGNEGRIP Straight Suction Rail System - SLD.pdf