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Model: (16-05) LWHT-600 Vehicle Exhaust Hose - Vehicle Emissions Light Weight (600°F) SFH1
Silicone Fiberglass duct suitable for high temperature 600°F vehicle exhaust control.

1 ply Silicone/Fiberglass Hose
2 plies for added service life. A popular style for stationary high temperature exhaust control applications. *Not for use with garage hose reels

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Main System / Part
Part # Qty Description
PT-SFH-4 silicone fiberglass hose 4 dia.- not suitable for hose reels
  • sold per ft, 25ft min. 
  • PT-SFH-5 silicone fiberglass hose 5 dia.- not suitable for hose reels
  • sold per ft, 25ft min. 
  • ieh-700
  • sold per ft, 25ft min 
  • PT-SFH-10 silicone fiberglass hose 10" dia. Ideal for simple drops.

    Not well suited to spring loaded hose reels.  

    Hose Clamps
    Part # Qty Description
    HCS-1.25 Hose Clamps 1.25” (32mm) Ø  
    HCS-1.5 Hose Clamps 1.5” (38mm) Ø  
    HCS-10 Hose Clamps 10” (250mm) Ø  
    HCS-12 Hose Clamps 10"-13" Ø Stainless Steel 
    HCS-14 Hose Clamps 14” (350mm)Ø 
    HCS-16 Hose Clamps 16” (400mm) Ø 
    HCS-18 Hose Clamps 18” (450mm) Ø 
    HCS-2 Hose Clamp 1"-2" Ø Stainless Steel  
    HCS-3 Hose Clamp 2"-4" Ø Stainless Steel  
    HCS-4 Hose Clamps Stainless Steel 3"-5" Ø 
    HCS-5 Hose Clamps 4"-6" Ø Stainless Steel  
    HCS-6 Hose Clamps 5"-7" Ø  
    HCS-7 Hose Clamps 7inch (180mm)  
    HCS-8 Hose Clamps 8”-10" Ø Stainless Steel  

    Hose with temp range up to 850°F (455°C)
    Part # Qty Description
    PT-SFH-8 silicone fiberglass hose 8 dia.-can we have this cut in two peices of 5' 

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