Lengths: 2m (6.5’); 3m (10’); 4m (13’); 5m (16.5’)
160mm (6.5"); 200mm (8")

The Idea

The H-MAX© EXTENSION BOOM is specifically developed to support Flexi and E-Z Arm extractors for applications where you need to reach over long distances. It has a ball bearing articulation in the wall bracket which enables a 180 deg movement. The H-MAX© EXTENSION BOOM is extremely flexible due to the Lev-Co well tested ball-bearing and disc-break system. The H-MAX© EXTENSION BOOM can carry up to 60 kg (132 lbs).

A Very Profitable Investment

LEV-CO Flexi© extractors decrease the need for general ventilation as well as the amount of dust in the air. Less dust will give less wear on the machinery, less cleaning in the workshop and in the office, better lighting (no dirty lamps), cleaner material handling (washing baths in the paintshop will last longer), higher working tempo (dirty air is tiring) and less absence (bronchial illness).
Few other investments will cut costs in the same way.

30 Years Experience

30 years experience of construction and production are at your disposal! The LEV-CO extraction systems are a combination of well tested solutions and new ideas.
LEV-CO is always a step ahead, but not expensive.