Dust and Fumes

The Wall Flex Duo is an ideal solution for SINGLE or DUAL workstations that require “capture at source” and/or ambient collection as well as filtration of airborne contaminants such as welding fumes, grinding dust, etc. This solution comes pre-engineered and ready to use. The two (2) "self-supporting” extraction arms offer at source capture of contaminants. The adjustable inlets capture fugitive emissions in an ambient/general ventilation fashion. Exhaust air can be optionally distributed through “Push-Pull” high velocity jets that project the air over 50’ & de-stratify the air in the upper chelons of the facility. This allows for best dilution of fugitive emissions (fumes not captured at source). In all cases, the contaminated air is filtered and returned to the facility.

High Efficiency Filtration

With up to 99.9% filter efficiency, the Dual Wall-Flex© Cartridge filter will clean the premises of welding fumes and light grinding dust. The cleaned air is recirculated into the premises, with no heat loss at all. The access to the “maintenance-free” replaceable cartridge filter is easy and changing it takes just a couple of minutes.

NOTE- The pressure gauge and silencer are not included and have to be ordered separately.

30 Years Experience

30 years experience of construction and production are at your disposal! The LEV-CO extraction systems are a combination of well tested solutions and new ideas.
LEV-CO is always a step ahead, but not expensive.