General Points

LEV-CO dust & fume collectors distance themselves with the ability to filter highly contaminated air volumes while remaining extremely compact. The cartridges are combined with an efficient self-cleaning system of compressed air allowing the filtration of sub-micron dust particles in a continuous operation and with a constant differential pressure loss. Our units include sealed mechanisms and access doors for easy access, and requires no tools to carry out the change of filter cartridges.

Theory of Operation

The dust laden gases enter through the side intake of the dust collectors hopper. It is then filtered through the cartridges, and exit through the venturis, into the clean air plenum. The clean air can be exhausted outside or recirculated depending on the application. The automatic cleaning system operates as follows: For each row of cartridges there is a diaphragm valve connected to an air tank. The diaphragm valve is opened in sequence by a solenoid valve and electronic control board. Short pulses of compressed air are injected through calibrated orifices in the blow tubes and into the venturis. The small primary flow of air through the venturis generate sa much larger secondary flow of clean air from the plenum. The combined air flow creates a downward moving pressure wave, that breaks the accumulated dust cake on the cartridges.The electronic controller allows only one row of cartridges to be cleaned at any given moment. thus ensuring the collector can operate continuously.


The cartridge dust collector features the following advantages: Fast, simple and safe cartridge replacement:
- The entire replacement of a set of cartridges is done from outside the dust collector and requires no tools. This way the worker is not exposed to the dust. :
- The cartridge is provided with a rectangular adapter that simplifies the manipulation of the cartridge, and eliminates installation errors.


30 Years Experience

30 years experience of construction and production are at your disposal! The LEV-CO extraction systems are a combination of well tested solutions and new ideas.
LEV-CO is always a step ahead, but not expensive.