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Portable Filtration Equipment

Quite often “Clean Air” solutions are required throughout a workplace. Here are numerous systems that can be moved from location to location with ease. All of the systems come with either “Washable", "Self-Cleaning" or "Throw-Away” filters and are equipped with fan/motor assemblies to ensure adequate extraction at all times. We have put the word “Mobile” in brackets as we want to let you know that, even though these solutions may move very well across the shop floor, they may not be the best solution for bringing to the job-site. Please see “Off-Site” portable solutions for more details on these applications.
(02-09) Mini Flex - (12''L x 13''W x 20''H, 2xØ3 inlet @ 100 CFM) **
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Soldering Fume Collector with a (1) 1" Poly Filter, (1) 99.97% HEPA filter, 1" charcoal filter, a 200 Watt motor, 115/1/60Hz (0.85 amps), and Aluminum Hood and 2 - 3" x 42" long hose.
(08-01) Fume/Booth - Odors and Lights dusts - 2’ X 2’ Opening (230 CFM)**
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A ductless, portable desktop and bench top system for the removal of fumes, dust, smoke, odors and gases in a compact design.

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** Discontinued ** (02-012) Mobi-Downdraft Table
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** Discontinued ** The Mobi Down Draft Table is portable cartridge collector with Downdraft table on it, with a capacity up to 800 CFM. This unit is ideal for medium and heavy-duty maintenance or Low to Medium production grinding and most dust producing applications. The standard Unit comes complete with (1) only Clean2® filter cartridge (150ft² of media), manual JET PULSE filter cleaning system, a 1 HP 115/1/60 TEFC motor, centrifugal blower, removable 5 gallon dust drawer, 5” front (fixed) & rear (swivel) casters.